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Electric Anchor Winches is based in Perth, Western Australia where a lot of Innovation and Technological improvement to boating recreation safety have originated. With Australia being the worlds largest island surrounded by water we have the highest number of boat ownership per capita of any continent. We sell, install and service all types of boat anchor winches.

Advancements to Boating Design and Development are taking place every day. Our area of specialty is Electric Anchor Winches and Anchoring. Being keen boaters and fisherman our team became frustrated with our own experiences using traditional old style capstan winches and old technology electric winches. We knew there had to be a better product out there !

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Through detailed research and communications with various inventors, suppliers and manufacturers we were able to acquire samples for testing in the field and reviewing which performed the best. Of the Electric Anchor Winches we tried and found to work exceptionally well we became distributors for and started recommending and selling them to our clients.

Demand grew bigger than we could handle using manual sales systems so we built an automated webstore dedicated to facilitating boaters from all around Australia being able to obtain these advanced Electric Anchor Winches easily anywhere Australia-Wide with parcel tracking.

Why settle for poor performing Electric Anchor Winches that are difficult to use, get tangled, have clutches and other complicated parts. Now you can purchase a better product that will relieve the frustration of anchoring and let you get back to enjoying your time on the water !

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Electric Anchor Winch - Home of Australia's Best Performing Electric Anchor Winches. If you are looking for an Electric Boat Anchor Winch that has Superior Quality, Performance, Reliability and strength to anything you have ever used before then we definietly recommend SAVWINCH Advanced Design, Australian Made electric Boat Anchor winches featured within our Store