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Mark from Canningvale WA - There's nothing worse than looking forwards to a day out on the water and thinking about the hassles of dropping and pulling up anchor. It's the only annoying thing that I don't enjoy in boating.

I'd been thinking about buying an Electric Anchor winch, but always put it off thinking about the cost and not being quite ready. One day I just woke up and thought, stuff-it, I'm just going to get one of these winches and be done with it.

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I can tell you the 1st day out on the water after having the Electric Boat Anchor winch was the best day me and my crew have ever had. Everyone was stoked and impressed with the workings of the drum style winch I had recently fitted. It was fast, quiet and effortless in setting anchor and retrieving.

... " I now look forwards to deploying and retrieving the anchor ! "          

Strangely, the task of deploying and retrieving the boat anchor was the most annoying part of boating. Now its the best fun! I now look forwards to dropping and reeling in the anchor with the electric winch. I definitely wish I had've done this sooner and would 100% recommend anyone who has a boat to get one.

At the same time as getting the Electric Anchor winch installed I also bought the Supreme Anchor with sliding shank. This anchor sets and holds fast. A perfect companion to the electric drum anchor winch. No more fussing about with the old style Danforth type of anchor which just never performed well.

I am extremely happy with my purchase of the Electric Anchor winch and Supreme Anchor. Would recommend these to anyone in boating. Now everyone on board enjoys the day out on the water. Couple beers, some Calamari squid and King George whiting is the perfect way to spend a summers day.

Big Thanks to Electric Boat Anchor Store, best decision I ever made !




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