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A day out on the water should be relaxing ... Right ?

Not filled with breaking a sweat, busting arms and back retrieving anchor!

We all know the story of the sorry fisherman returning home with an upset missus complaining about how she had to pull-up the anchor all day on a fishing trip. Progressively over-time there's a gradual avoidance building of friends and family no longer wanting to come on the boat due to the hard job of pulling up the anchor. Not to mention it can be down-right dangerous!

Harsh wet rope cutting hands, rough seas, stuck anchors under reefs and even retriever potentially getting thrown over-board! What makes it worse is often having to change fishing spots 10-15 times a day to find an area that's biting.

Electric Anchor Winch

Ok, so let's be smart about this. An upset wife, unhappy crew, sore back and arms are not the way to enjoy a day out on the water. Soon enough no one wants to go fishing because it's too much effort. The long and the short of it is no one likes having to pull the anchor up by hand.

Sometimes a heavy anchor caught under a reef in rough seas can also be very dangerous for the person on retrieval duty. Many a fisherman has fallen over-board or been injured trying to pull-up a stuck anchor. We all know the task gets even harder the bigger the boat and anchor!

Why not make it better and safer for everyone onboard, including yourself (the Skipper) by installing an Electric Anchor Winch and say goodbye to days of busting your back and those of your crew. Everyone will enjoy the day out on the water and save aching arms and backs!


SAVWINCH Drum Winch - Australia's Best Electric Boat Anchor Winch      

The Smart Solution ....
Get an Electric Boat Anchor Winch .... SIMPLE !!
It's not Rocket Sciene. It's simple and it just makes sense. Why bust your back and those of your crew, when an Electric Powered Boat Anchor Winch will elimnate all the hard effort. Get back to enjoying your time out on the water and let the electric winch do the heavy lifting.
Not only will the electric winch lift the anchor, rope and chain, it will also allow you to properly navigate the boats motor and steering in direction of anchor point to facilitate faster retrieval. You will be able to change fishing spots with no fuss in a quarter of the time and effort.
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