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     As you can see these New Boat Anchors sets and hold very quickly !

Plastic Kayak, Jet Ski and Canoe Anchor

This Revolutionary Plastic Boat Anchor is one of the Best Innovations to anchoring in the past 20 years. A product that seems to defy the laws of physics with being able to anchor a craft whilst being light weight and compact. The result of clever design this anchor is able to bite and dig itself into the sea bed without having a lot of weight.

Orig.: $89.00
Sale: $58.00

Recreational Boats Sized from 2.8m to 4.2m

Specifically designed to suit medium size recreational boats like dingies, canoes, aluminium and fiberglass boats. Can be used WITHOUT CHAIN to eliminate "Chain Noise" and save your boat from getting scratched ! Very easy to set and retrieve with the added bonus of being light weight, this recreational anchor will be the best anchor you ever use.

Orig.: $178.00
Sale: $129.00

Fisherman Series Light Aluminium Boat Anchor

Light weight, compact, easy to set and retrieve combined with exceptional holding power makes this Boat Anchor the Perfect Choice for Fisherman around Australia. Suiting most trailer boats from 3m to 5m this one piece anchor is Light and Easy to Use. Best All-Round Boat Anchor Available !

This is our Best Selling Anchor !

Orig.: $198.00
Sale: $158.00

Pro-Fisherman - Tough Manganese Steel Anchor

Tough, Durable and Reliable while still being more compact and easier to set than traditional Boat Anchors. Made from hardened Manganese Steel this Boat Anchor sets Quick and provides Exceptional holding power in a variety of Sea Beds and Ocean conditions experienced by Pro-Fisherman around Australia. Suiting Large Fishing Trailer Boats up to 6.8m Length, this anchor Performs Exceptionally well.

Orig.: $239.00
Sale: $189.00

Larger Boats, Power Boats and Leisure Craft

Anchors for Large Boats and Leisure Craft need to hold well and be visually appealing especially when retrieved by the Electric Anchor winch and sitting in the bow sprit of your luxury boat. An anchor for this use needs to blend well with the theme and style of the boat. This Premium Series of Boat Anchor is available Galvanised or Stainless Steel.

For Boats Larger than 7m please enquire below.

Orig.: $324.00
Sale: $276.00

The Boat Anchor Range we have displayed is just a summary of all the anchors we have on offer. Listening to customer requests of trying to keep choices simple we have only displayed the most common sizes.

If you require a Custom Made, Sized or Designed Anchor Simply ...

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