Electric Boat Anchor Winches
Drum Style - Electric Anchor Winches by SAVWINCH

The Toughest and most Reliable Electric Boat Anchor Winches !

Electric Boat Anchor Winch - Installation Kit

Installation kit for use with our Heavy Duty Boat electric boat anchor winches. Comes with full electrical harness, cables, pre-wired and configured relays and battery cable crimps. Also comes with 50 Cable Ties and Roll of Electrical Insulation tape. The result is a Complete DIY Installation Package and Solution for installing our high quality boat anchor winches to your boat, with a minimum of fuss. 

Orig.: $495.00
Sale: $375.00

Boat Anchor Electric Winch - Installation

Bought a New Electric Boat Anchor winch and not sure about installing it yourself? No worries, we got you covered. We have a specialised team of mobile technicians to fit up your electric boat winch at your home, work, or storage facility. We can even install down at the boat marina or yacht morring. We have many years of experience with installing Electric Boat Anchor Winches and although they are not overly difficult to DIY install yourself, they do take a bit of time, specialised knowledge, tools and ability.

Orig.: $895.00
Sale: $425.00


Internationally recognised brand name LEWMAR. This robust manufacturer has produced what is now recognised as one of the most popular and reliable windlass electric anchor winches on the market. This solid performer has built in Free-Fall for fast anchor deployment and great retrieval speeds. This style of electric boat anchor winch is most suited to circumstances where space limitations don't allow the drum style, or for those who simply have preference to the low profile compact design of capstan style winches.

Specified to work on boats up to 10.5 metres (32 feet)

Orig.: $1,875.00
Sale: $1,545.00

Electric Boat Anchor Winch - SAVWINCH 550W Model

Powerful, Small and Compact Drum Winch !

This is the Savwinch 550W Model. The smallest and most compact Electric Anchor winch in Drum Style configuration on the Australian Market. Fits nearly all boat anchor wells, yet still holds up to 60metres of rope and chain! Equipped with full aluminium gearbox and 550 Watt motor. Perfect for Small to Medium sized boats up to 5.5 metres (17 feet)

Made from High Quality 316 Grade Stainless and with rock solid construction able to withstand the harsh Australian marine environment. Manufactured locally in Australia, each winch is individually hand tested, inspected and certified to pass strict quality control standards before shipping.

Beware there are a lot of cheap imitation winches on the market. Don't waste thousands on an unreliable winch which only gives frustration and problems.

Insist on Savwinch Quality and Reliability!

Specified to work on boats upto 5.5 metres (17 feet)

Orig.: $1,795.00
Sale: $1,385.00

Electric Boat Anchor Winch - SAVWINCH 1000W

Award Winning - Electric Anchor Winches !

September 9 2014 News:

Australian Savwinch has been designing and manufacturing Electric Boat Anchor winches almost 10years and recently awarded the highly prestigious Marine Innovation Award for Excellence in Products and running of a business!

One of the most popular selling products in the Savwinch Range is this 1000W Drum Winch. Medium Sized Drum Style Boat Anchor Winch is designed for boats upto 6.5 metres (22 feet) in length. Perfect for most trailer boats which fall into this very popular category and size segment.

Upgradable to: Electronic Fast Free-fall system!

This New and Innovative product by Savwinch which allows the anchor rope and chain to deploy at free fall speeds by increasing voltage to the motor. Vastly different from other manufacturers using complicated gearbox clutch systems. The EFF system produces a simpler, more reliable design allowing true "NO GAP" between the drum and frame to be constructed reducing the incidence of rope getting tangled in the gap between drum and frame of other designs.

Why buy out-dated technology and complicated mechanisms when you can buy simpler and more reliable, High Quality Electric Boat Anchor winch from Savwinch

Insist on the Best! .. Insist on Savwinch!

Specified to work on boats upto 6.5 metres (22 feet)

Orig.: $1,895.00
Sale: $1,565.00

Heavy Duty Electric Anchor Winch - SAVWINCH 1500W

Rock Solid, Heavy Duty and Reliable !

This Heavy Duty version of Savwinch 1500W Electric Drum Style "Electric Boat Anchor Winch" is designed for boats upto 8.2 metres (27 feet) in length. Over the top construction with thick Stainless Steel frame and Powerful 1500W Motor. Also equipped with Industrial grade aluminium gearbox housing with full metal gears is built to go the distance. Made for the tough Oceanic and Marine environment this heavy duty winch is built solid as you can get. Easy to use and almost zero maintenance with fully encased end of drum bearings means this anchor winch will last much longer than less quality alternatives.

Best Choice for Pro-Fishermen and Charter Boats.

Specified to work on boats upto 8.2 metres (27 feet)

Orig.: $2,395.00
Sale: $1,795.00

Top Shelf - Elite Series with Free-Fall Design

The FREE-FALLING Electric Drum Winch !!

Comes with Absolutely Everything you need!

Introducing our Top Shelf Elite Series Electric Anchor Winch with patented Auto-Free-Fall with controlled actioning brake avoiding rope over-run and can also be used in Power Up and Power Down mode! This Genius Design with Mechanical Auto and Manual Release Free Fall means you have the perfect choice of how you want to use the winch with no troublesome electronics or extra parts needing to be mounted on the Drum or in your chain locker. Suits all boats up to 8 metres !!

Orig.: $2,435.00
Sale: $1,925.00

Got a Big Boat or specialised application ? We can manufacture and supply any size boat anchor winch you need to suit your requirements ...

We are Specialist Anhor Winch Outlet and will give you the Best Price!

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